Artist Branding

Zena el Khalil – artist/ author/ TED Fellow – exhibits internationally, including New York, San Francisco, Miami, London, Paris, Tokyo, and Dubai. She has also held solo exhibitions in Lagos, London, Munich, Turin and Beirut.

I have worked with el Khalil for over 8 year on the branding of her solo exhibitions. Her artwork is quite unique and has a very strong identity, and the challenge in creating a brand was being able to create an identity that mirrors her style, yet did not overpower or interfere with her work.

“My artwork is a by-product of political and economic turmoil, focusing on issues of violence, gender and religion and their place in our bubblegum culture. I try to expose the superficiality of war, creating an alternate reality“Zena el Khalil

Work produced: Business card, exhibition logos, exhibition catalogs, print/digital invitations, and promotional merchandising

//Handmade traditional Syrian fabric was specially sourced for the catalog cover