Technology that simplifies science

Medilab offers educational consulting services as well as supplies for the education and scientific sectors.

As with many successful family owned businesses, the second generation is usually involved in rebranding the company in order to maintain an updated and international appeal. My work with MEDILab started with gaining a thorough understanding of the products, the services and the market. This project had its unique set of challenges, yet also a unique set of rewards. The biggest challenge was how to present a company of specialized services, and with a wide product range (from test tubes to scanning electrons machines!) in an easily marketed way for online and a traditional sales force.

Work produced:
. Rebranded the logo and developed corporate identity, slogan and corporate guidelines
. Concept design and follow up on production for marketing collateral (Exhibition designs, catalogs, banners etc)
. Website design and management of teams: web developers, copywriter, photographer, and illustrator.