My role was sole brand and visual designer. I uplifted the logo, developed the brand, and launched the website. The process included; mood boards, style guides, typography, image styling, user testing, and managing the website development.

Anandra George, a pioneer in the global yoga community, re-introduced the ancient science of sound as a fundamental wellbeing practice. Nobody else does this, or anything close. She has been teaching globally for more than 20 years and for students from over 40 countries. Anandra founded Heart of Sound, an online community that offers certifications and online and in-person classes.

2018 –


The brand has to resonate with life coaches, counselors, business executives, wellness practitioners, musicians, yoga teachers, and educators of all walks of life who are either at a crossroads in their life or are looking deeper to balance the heart and the mind.

Brand –

  • Create a brand that has a soul
  • Have a balance between masculine & feminine
  • Inspirational, mystical, yet intellectual, and substantial

Website –

  • Have a multi-cultural appeal
  • Increase the number of male student demographics


Old brand.

The old logo needed some air…a lot of air…and a heartbeat. The old brand did not have the power and the sensitivity that is the essence of  Heart of Sound.



Thinking process.


The power of the Three –  the Triangle.


The Brand.

Visual design.



Social content.