Postage Stamp Design

Commissioned by Libanpost to design 55 of Lebanon’s postal and commemorative stamps – in circulation

This is, without a doubt, one of my favorite projects and one I am most proud of. I am always very happy to receive a letter with one of my designed stamps (even if it is a bill!).

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Stamps Mikdashi/Newspaper
Stamps Mikdashi/Profile

Lebanon, International Center for Dialogue of Civilizations
50th Anniversary of the Lebanese National Council for Scientific Research – CNRS

2011 – 12 stamps
Lebanon’s Cultural Heritage
Fairuz, Basbous brothers, Hassan Alaa Eddine (Chouchou), Saïd Akl, Sabah, Caracalla, Nabih Abou El-Hossn, Wadih El Safi.

Ehden Natural Reserve – Cradle of the Alphabet – President Sleiman Frangie

2010 – 10 stamps
Traditional Lebanese Houses, Anti Smoking, Anti drugs, Soap Production, Environment, Civil Defense; Lebanese Army

2009 – 5 stamps
Beirut Book Capital 2009, 6th Francophonie games in Beirut, Quds Cultural Capital 2009, World Peace Poster 1990 Mustapha Tayoukji

2008 – 3 stamps
General Francois El Hajj, Dr Charles Malik 60th Anniversary of the Declaration of the Human Rights, Al Imam Al Ouzai

2006 – Block of 4 stamps
Lebanese Prime Minister Rafic Hariri

2005 – 9 stamps
Palais Présidentiel, Parlement, Aéroport International de Rafic Hariri, Mosquée de Bahaeddine Hariri, Cathédrale de St.Paul, Musée National, Banque du Liban, Palais Gouvernemental, Cité Sportive

2004 – 10 stamps
Festivals: BeitedineBaalbeckTyreByblos

Ski Mountain: Kamoua – Cedars – LakloukZaarourAayoun SimanKanat Bakish

2001 – 1 stamp
Liberation of the South of Lebanon